Eclipse CEO Steve Luke discusses DocOrigin

Eclipse CEO Steve Luke was interviewed recently by writer and podcaster Kevin Craine, and he discussed how DocOrigin has become the solution of choice for organizations looking to replace end-of-life Adobe Central. Luke describes how DocOrigin provides an easy migration while providing advanced capabilities and tools that organizations can use to improve company performance.

“One of the biggest reasons for the popularity of DocOrigin is the fact that we really understand the way that Adobe Central works,” says Luke. “And because of that, we are able to focus specifically on adding in additional functionality that makes the migration simple. DocOrigin allows customers to use the templates they already have and the data they currently generate, and that makes the transition times faster and the effort easier overall.”

DocOrigin has a number of automated form conversion features that are built right in, explains Luke. “Some of the tools allow the system to accept data in the form that it was generated in for legacy applications at the same time that companies work to migrate their output into new XML-type formats. This really makes life a lot easier, since it could literally take years to modify those legacy applications.”

The 12-minute interview covers a range of topics including best practices in enterprise document generation using DocOrigin. The discussion closes with Luke pointing to critical factors to consider as companies upgrade from older products like JetForm and Adobe Central.

“It is important that organizations consider how any new technology will handle the data that they are creating today, and handle the data that they envision that they will be creating in the future,” say Luke. “Most of the tools available today for document composition don’t have the capability of creating fillable forms that that can be completed on a smartphone or a tablet where people interact with a document once it arrives and not just simply read.”

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