Cloud Fax Solutions vs. On Premise Fax

Many businesses may still be wondering,”What’s the difference between cloud and on premise fax?”

Using on-premise fax servers for production faxing, you will need physical servers and telco lines at the corporate office and your disaster recovery center. For departmental offices and at remote offices, you may need more servers or at a minimum, individual fax machines and phone lines. You will need paper, ink, a person to manually print and feed pages into the fax machine and if the transmission is not successful, employees will waste more time walking back to the fax machine.

Cloud faxing is a great way to streamline inbound and outbound faxing with none of the before-mentioned items needed. It’s simple production outbound faxing completed automatically without human intervention. Inbound faxes are automatically routed to the recipients personal computer and they can be notified if they are away via SMS or receive a copy of the fax on their mobile device.

Essentially, it may not sound like much but let’s look at it this way…

Cloud Fax Service Advantages:Disadvantages of On Premise Fax Servers:
Pay only for what you useCapital equipment and installation costs, Annual Maintenance Fees
No long-term contractsAdministrative overhead
Dedicated 24/7 hardened network facilityYearly maintenance contract renewals
Completely scalableUpgrade and provisioning expenses
Fully redundant fail-over systemsSystem security and fail-over limitations
No upgrade or provisioning costsLimited inbound and outbound capacity
No capital equipment costsLimited application flexibility
No HW or SW maintenance contractsLocal dedicated Telco line costs
High capacity outbound transmissionDuplicate hardware and fax server needed at Disaster Recovery Facility
Specialized business process integration and automationLabor intensive and inefficient
Never busy inbound, 99.9975 Up TimeSLOW and limited transmission speeds
Document archiving into existing document systemHardware becomes obsolete
Ability to generate forms, merge dynamic data from your business software and automate distribution 
Easily fax from any PC, tablet, smart phone or business application software: ORACLE, SAP, MS Dynamics, Infor, QAD, IBS……. 
Secure HTTP and SMTP API’s 
Secure VPN ready 
HIPAA compliant for secure transmission of electronic documents and transactions 
Integration with any platform, application or operating system 

Cloud Desktop or Production Fax

With Cloud faxing services, users have no need to leave their desk to send or receive faxes. Users simply open the document(s) to be faxed and select Print, then select the CloudFax Driver and enter in the phone number or select from a previous list of completed numbers. There is no need to print out the fax or walk to the machine, so no machine is needed, no ink or toner, no paper and less time needed to complete the task.

Production Faxing consists of sending and receiving a high volume of mission critical documents without any human intervention, i.e. containing data critical to the company’s day to day business that need to be moved quickly, securely and automatically generated from the organization’s information systems.

Key Benefits of Cloud fax for both Desktop and Production faxing:

  • HIPAA / SOX / Corporate compliant
  • Securely fax medical records, personal information, prescription requests, and legal documents
  • No up-front costs
  • No software or hardware to purchase or maintain
  • Simple deployment
  • Reduce fax-related costs
  • Built-in business continuance
  • Fully redundant
  • No single point of failure
  • Cost savings begin day one
  • 24/7 client care based in the US
  • Define authorized users and permissions
  • Fax archival & retrieval
  • Individual department billing
  • E-form functionality
  • Custom provisioning and integration with ERP, CRM and specialized applications

All of these benefits can be working for you. 

How we can help:

The innovators at Eclipse Corporation have provided Cloud Fax Service since 1998. For organizations looking to automate the distribution of fax messages, or to integrate these services into existing technology infrastructures, check out EclipseFAX solutions to optimize  performance, reliability and security. See more about EclipseFAX here or contact us for more information here. Want to test it before you buy? No problem, just send your request to Info@EclipseCorp.US and we will set up your trial account and you can test before you buy.