Advantage 360 creates memorable emotional experiences at each step of the customer journey

Like all business software companies, Advantage 360 needs to provide their customers with a powerful, feature-rich software solution that fulfills the needs of their multinational telco customers. In their case, this is a real challenge, but one they have perfected over a period of 35 years. During their journey, they realized they knew what their customers needed and they had the management and software development teams to develop the software. However, like most software companies, they realized that they needed to provide robust and current technologies to support their customers’ communications needs. 

Forms – electronic and paper – have changed as much as the telco business. Land lines and hard-wired phones have been replaced with mobile devices, and many customers today have multiple mobile devices for family, work, etc. These challenges are what prompted Advantage 360 to search for a software partner that specialized in e-forms, as well as document and label software. They needed a robust modern technology that is constantly being improved and meets the needs of their customers – and their customers’ customers. With customers in more than 60 countries and requirements for many languages, Advantage 360 elected to buy, not build, their customer communications solution. They sought an OEM forms solution that would meet the needs of their multinational customers – today and in the future.

Advantage 360 provides a suite of convergent billing, CRM, POS, terms management and operational support software for telecommunications carriers, internet service providers and nowadays – even utility companies around the world, like AT&T Wireless, Digicel Bermuda, Choice Communications, Strata Networks, Cellular One Bermuda and many more.

Advantage 360 needed to replace their legacy solutions with a modern, agile, accurate and reliable solution while continuing to optimize the document-related business processes within their applications and at the same time, offering multi-channel print and digital customer communications, modern customer engagement capabilities and centralized document management.

After conducting market research, reviewing all market opportunities and comparing them with each other, Advantage 360 decided to replace their legacy output system with DocOrigin which allowed them to make the document creation process within their applications more flexible and automated. The new layout design capabilities enabled the client to create more customer-friendly business documents with dynamic service.

Remember, every customer interaction is a new opportunity. Integrating DocOrigin with Advantage 360 telecom solutions allowed companies to speak to their subscribers as individuals in a single voice – when and how they want it – with features like targeted messaging and omni-channel delivery. Thanks to timely customer insights, bills and statements are now more engaging and improve response, cross-selling and the overall customer experience.

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