A New Marketing Platform in the Cloud

At Eclipse, we’ve worked with some of the best, and we are excited about our new partnership with OMI, a cloud-based customer communications provider that’s getting a lot of attention these days. We’ve been working with our friends at OMI for some time, quietly developing a partnership that blends the capabilities of our two companies to provide a new marketing platform in the cloud.

DocOrigin and 366 Degrees

At the foundation of the platform is our highly personalized document composition engine, DocOrigin — the solution of choice for next generation enterprise document generation. But here’s the really exciting part, by linking DocOrigin to the expanded capabilities of 366 Degrees, an innovative customer communications management platform from OMI, our companies together make available an exciting cloud-based service that leverages enterprise documents and customer communications in new and more profitable ways.

Now marketers can easily integrate campaign content into routine outbound correspondence like transactional email, notices, text alerts and even old-school print and mail with no impact to operations. Tight integration with makes it easy for IT and marketing to coordinate messaging orchestration to a level not possible with traditional methods of mass marketing and customer communications.

A New More Profitable Routine

For years routine customer correspondence has been issued with relatively little thought to the strategic intelligence behind their design and messaging. We’re out to change that mindset. “Let’s face it,” says Eclipse CEO Steve Luke. “Things like monthly customer statements are rarely considered key marketing assets. But CMO’s are waking up to the value of these customer interactions as powerful opportunities to cross-sell, up-sell, and build customer loyalty.”

Brad Banyas, CEO of OMI, agrees: “We have found the missing link in one of the most effective low cost marketing channels. Organizations send billions of boring statements, notices, bills, and other correspondence to customers every day that do very little to drive consumption, revenue or brand engagement. We bring the real-world tools needed to leverage these existing communications that are so vitally important yet so often overlooked.”

We’re excited about this new partnership and platform. Want to learn more? Just click here or call 678.408.1245