5 Reasons You Need to Know About Business Communications Center

1. Business Communications Center can turn THIS into THIS!

2. BCC puts messaging where customers are already looking, in their transactional documents

Business Communications Center provides relevant, data-driven communications to customers, employees, partners, and vendors quickly and easily. Using an intuitive browser interface, Marketing and other non-IT departments can turn ordinary documents into extraordinary business communications. There is no need for scripting or programming, so BCC eliminates the burden from the IT team while maintaining the compliant format and Ts&Cs created by IT and Legal departments. Targeted ads can be placed in documents and forms based on customers’ buying history, industry, region, and more without any changes to existing business software. Companies are able to use their monthly “appointments” with their customers – i.e. invoices or statements – as an opportunity to up-sell, cross-sell or to convey relevant user information.

BCC is all about business communications, so, it’s not just for marketing. HR can use BCC to keep employees up to speed with important tax, insurance, and company policy notices, etc. Is the company sponsoring a fun run?  Add the notice to the payroll so everyone knows how much money they earned as well as finding some interesting and fun event info – in a document you already produce!  BCC can be used to improve the presentation and message of the common documents you send to customers, partners and vendors!

3. Marketing, HR and Legal Departments can create and manage ongoing campaigns without the help of IT

Our intuitive, user-friendly interface allows the design and delivery of transactional documents with custom targeted messaging to be done by those with the proper expertise within the business. This allows allows IT personnel to focus on building robust document and form templates, while campaigns are managed by the company’s marketing and communications experts.

4. BCC provides controlled access to Dynamic White Space Management to protect the integrity of the document or form template

Developers simply define areas as “hot spots” for inserting images and rich text messaging. Witness the power of BCC here with a 7-minute video. See the power and ease of use that empowers companies to deliver rich and relevant information in the documents and forms generated every day.

With BCC, documents and forms come to life, wasted white space becomes valuable real estate, and any product or service being sold can trigger communications or messaging without making any changes to your business software or database.

5. Integration Without Modification® allows you to use DocOrigin with your line-of-business software seamlessly, since 1992

BCC is fueled by the data generated by any business software and works with legacy ERP, EMR, and CRM systems, and current business software, while IWM® makes this all possible. Design, present and deliver your business documents, forms, checks and labels – without modification to your line of business software!

No other product gives you more control of your transactional documents and forms, or makes them work harder for you! Click here to set up a demo today and see how our Business Communications Center is the right fit for you.