The Power of Personalized Customer Communications  

Companies in all industries can achieve dramatic results by creating personalized, relevant and targeted customer communications. But reaching that goal is difficult when you depend on complex technology, cumbersome systems, and specialized expertise. That is why we developed DocOrigin, an innovative and intuitive software solution for designing and generating highly dynamic and personalized customer communications. Whether you need to produce large volumes of invoices or statements, or a single customer letter, DocOrigin gives you the platform to do it, easily and affordably.

Built for Business Users

DocOrigin was developed by the same people who originally created the JetForm/Adobe Central Pro Output Server products. As a result, migrating from Adobe Central to DocOrigin is a breeze. We’ve created automated batch form conversion tools and streamlined procedures to migrate forms quickly and accurately. What’s more, DocOrigin allows companies to leverage the data generated by older legacy systems, modern enterprise and customer management systems, and other line‐of‐business applications to create and generate affordable high-value documents. Now business users can even add powerful 3D charting to what would otherwise be an ordinary business letter or form without changes to your business application or software.

Business Unit Control

Let’s face it, making even the simplest change to a customer invoice or an account statement can take weeks or months. This slows the pace of business and costs you thousands in support costs. DocOrigin changes all that by putting the ability to make changes or improvements on routine customer correspondence within the reach of a typical business user. Now, knowledge workers and process owners can create personalized messages and customized content using text, graphics and images without requiring IT.  You control the entire messaging lifecycle for all customer communications – both print and digital – and more easily manage complex message variations and versions.


Whether you want to communicate in print, or use online, mobile or social media, DocOrigin in partnership with 366 Degrees from OMI, makes it easy to reach customers with multi-channel communications in any format. Business users and marketing specialists easily set up personalized and targeted messaging for use across multiple communications and channels.  Once the content has been created, you can deliver messages to your customers based on their behaviors, preferences, or demographics with business rules in plain language so you don’t have to be a programmer to deliver the right message to the right customer, in the right media.

Moving Forward

It’s getting harder to gain the attention of customers. Now you can more effectively compete in a world awash in multi-media marketing messages with highly targeted, relevant and personalized customer communications. DocOrigin makes it easy and affordable. Now you can improve your outreach to new customers and boost your relationship with existing customers with more personal, relevant and targeted communications.

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