11 of the Best Education Tech Tools 2018

With school beginning soon, if not already in your area, we thought it would be a good time to do a roundup on some of the best tech tools out there for educators. Schools from Pre-K to Graduate School use a diverse list of software to improve the efficiency of the administrators and teachers and to improve the interaction of students of all ages.

  1. PowerSchool – This is a great platform for powering school operations. It covers pretty much every part of K-12 administrative needs. Perhaps most important are the grade reporting tools and parent communication capabilities across all sectors.
  2. Flipgrid – Students create and record short videos and can reply to other students’ creations. Educators are 100% in control with video moderation, access controls, and much more. A great option for student engagement and assessment needs. Think of the possibilities!
  3. Sway – A great tool from Microsoft for the simplified creation of presentations, documents and more with amazing graphics in minutes.
  4. Google Drive – This is a simple way to build a parent/teacher communication log along with all of the great capabilities of a collaborative tool for teams in planning and researching.
  5. SMART Exchange – A whole world of lesson plans and resources for your SMART board. It’s so easy to search by subject, grade level, or standard to find what you need. No more reinventing the wheel!
  6. Learn Around the World – What a great way to work towards a global education! This is a tool that connects educators and students around the world. Virtual Field Trips, Collaborations, Guest Speakers… the possibilities are endless and make it so much easier to broaden our horizons.
  7. Class Dojo – This is a great tool for the classroom to help with behaviors while keeping parents in the loop. But it’s also a super way for parents and teachers to share pictures and notes.
  8. Insert Learning – Educators can add instructional content to a web page, free for Chrome even! Also, differentiation is easily accomplished here – scaffolded text with questions and media that can help reach all students.
  9. Tiny Tap – This is a great instructional resource. There are games fro every level, across curriculums to help reinforce a variety of skills. Users can also create games on here with little background in coding. This particular feature could be used by the educator to create a game to better meet their needs or cover a skill not yet represented or having students create games on a topic as an assessment tool.
  10. Book Creator – This is a great resource that combines audio, video, text and images and is the possibilities are cross curricular and multi age level. Another great option to tap into student engagement and provide assessment data.

Make sure your division, university, or other educational system has one more very important tech tool…

  1. DocOrigin – A superior forms and documents software that can dynamically meet their needs. Omni-channel delivery for all users, fillable forms, relevant messaging inserted into standard documents. Student, parent, and faculty communications can now be easily managed by staff and teachers. Add      important messages, images about important events and time lines by using  existing documents which are already being delivered to your students, parents and faculty. There are so many ways to  expand your already varied documentation and make them work better for you. To learn more about    how DocOrigin can bring your school system, university and more up to speed, contact us here or call us at +1 678-408-1245 today.

A great tool for finding more great multi-grade level educational technology tools and getting simple descriptions is Jennifer Gonzalez’s ebook, The Teacher’s Guide to Tech 2018, available here.

Don’t forget, you can help your favorite teacher meet their goals for their classroom by helping to fund a variety of projects at DonorsChoose.Org.