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PDF/UA for Production Documents

DocOrigin now integrates the design and creation of Universally Accessible PDFs (PDF/UA), meeting ISO 14289-1 and WCAG 2.0 standards for PDF documents, into its flagship document generation software.

As the "Baby Boomer" generation continues to age, the number of people requiring the use of assistive technology increases. The World Health Organization estimates 246 million people worldwide suffer from some form of visiual impairment – with 39 million of those classified as blind. With PDF/UA conforming files, readers and assistive technology, these individuals and others with disabilities can have equal access to online information. In particular:

PDF/UA compliant documents contain tags that identify content according to structure, allowing documents containing images, form fields, tables, lists and other information to be rendered properly utilizing a number of different assistive devices such as screen magnifiers, text-to-voice devices and braille keyboards and readers. Click here to learn more about PDF/UA, and how worldwide legislation seeks to guarantee equal access to information for all.

DocOrigin makes it easy to comply with standards set out by PDF/UA by building compliant documents as part of the document design and generation process, negating the need for post-processing software or intervention to render documents according to these standards.

Contact the document experts at Eclipse Corporation today for a free demonstration of DocOrigin and learn how you can improve document processing – saving money and time while utilizing cutting-edge marketing tools – without changing your line of business software!

Key features and advantages of DocOrigin PDF/UA integration

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