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Customer Communication Center powered by DocOrigin

Audience: Management as well as Business & Technical Users

Customer Communication Center (“CCC”) powered by DocOrigin provides companies a robust software solution which allows Marketing, HR and Legal departments to create campaigns, messaging, and manage legal T&C’s without engaging IT for ongoing projects. Design and deliver best-in-class transactional documents that serve as a vehicle for custom marketing and messaging. Watch how CCC provides controlled access to protect the integrity of the document or form template. Developers simply define fields as “hot spots” for inserting images and rich text messaging. See the control and ease of use that empowers companies to deliver rich and relevant information in the documents and forms they generate every day.

Playtime: [7:51]

Dynamic White Space Management (DWSM)

Audience: Management

This video discusses the features of Dynamic White Space for Fixed, Creative and Lost White Space that can be used for marketing product specific upsells or corporate message.

Fixed White Space is a dedicated area(s) on the form to rotate advertisements targeted for your client. For example, a retired customer may receive a promotion for traveling and a family customer may receive a promotion for a college savings account.

Creative White Space dynamically inserts feature Ads in the body of a table or form based on the content of a document. For example, insert an accessory to a purchased item or an extended warranty.

Lost White Space allows users to maximize “left over white space” at the end of page to advertise for services, products or charities.

Playtime: [3:09]

DocOrigin Overlay Data to Final Output Animation

Audience: Business Users & Management

Visual demonstration of converting overlay data (Print Image File) to XML, Form Design and output to a variety of formats such as print, PDF, mobile device, and HTML.

Playtime: [2:16]

Demo Only: Converting an IFD to an XATW in 87 seconds

Audience: Basic

This video is similar to the “Converting an Adobe Output IFD to an XATW in 60 seconds” video, but without voiceover. Just a straight run-through of an IFD conversion with a timer to demonstrate how fast it converts and how fast it can be modified to be ready for Quality Assurance testing.

Playtime: [1:59]