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Advantage 360

"DocOrigin is much easier to implement and the time it takes to develop and maintain forms for customers has decreased significantly. The learning curve to use DocOrigin is much faster and training customers has become easier. Our staff is very happy with DocOrigin. The best part is that as the product has improved over the years, with upgrades and updates, it's made form development even easier. The fantastic support we have received from both ProTechnology and Eclipse has enabled us to quickly and easily resolve all issues and challenges we have encountered and we have had no production failures. Reliability is not an option in the Telco industry. We see a bright future ahead with ProTechnology and Eclipse!"

Bob Hennemann
CFO of Advantage 360



"This important partnership shows yet another way to streamline the direct communication workflow by integrating technology assets. BCC Software and Eclipse represent over 50 years of combined experience in the print and mail industry. That depth of knowledge provides our customers an unmatched know-how when it comes to managing enterprise name and address data used for producing and mailing documents.”

Chris Lien
President of BCC Software


“We never had any significant problems with Adobe Central. So we needed a company that not only understood how critical labels are to our business, but had the experience to offer a stable solution for the capacity of labels we generate every day. We had a small glitch during roll-out for some of our older printers, and they were right there and helped us get it up and running. They really came through.”

Brad Postma
IT Development Manager at Pella Corporation


"This is the perfect evolution for vablet. vablet’s data capture ability and DocOrigin’s dynamic forms take the sales rep and customer relationship to the next level, because sales reps can now do more on a tablet, at the most critical time, with or without an internet connection.”

Paul Pacun
Founder and Chief Architect at vablet

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"When it became clear that Adobe/JetForm Central would no longer be supported with current operating systems and Oracle’s JD Edwards World software, we knew we needed to act fast.”

Kory Lewis
Information Technology Manager at Grabber Construction


“EcoDocx is committed to tailoring Customer Communications and Enterprise Content Management Systems to fit your business needs. We have been developing and providing enterprise document solutions for SAP, Infor and Oracle users for years. We are excited to partner with Eclipse to deliver reliable software that gives non IT departments the power to run campaigns and archive and retrieve documents with little or no support from IT.”

Oleksandr Matichyn
COO at EcoDocx


"Tyler empowers thousands of local government offices and school districts with our software solutions. We felt that DocOrigin was the best choice to satisfy the unique needs of state and local government organizations and school districts. DocOrigin not only provides all the functionality our clients currently utilize, but also additional functionality such as fillable HTML forms, 3D charting, dynamic messaging and multi-channel delivery."

Kirk Cameron
Vice President of Development at Tyler's ERP & School Division


Advantage 360

"Advantage 360 is a global software company delivering convergent billing, POS, CRM and OSS solutions for all telecom technologies, as well as the language, currency, regulatory and cultural demands of a global market. Our relationship with Eclipse and ProTechnology began in 2012, and since has proven to be a great partnership that offers exceptional value to our customers. The DocOrigin enterprise document software from Eclipse is integrated tightly in our core software, this provides our customer the ability to generate high value personalized communication in every customer facing document and form , including marketing and statistics that gives subscribers a crystal clear understanding of their bills , thereby reducing customer service calls and collection issues."

Richard Card
CEO of Advantage 360



"Our current system had reached end-of-life and we were running on obsolete software. We evaluated a number of different solutions and considered various options. In the end we chose DocOrigin. The need to accurately convert our existing form templates and the time required for the migration was a big concern for us. DocOrigin supported all our existing apps and we converted them all without the need for much reprogramming of our ERP software and without consuming many of our internal resources."

Justyn Hancock
Global IT Director at PPG Aerospace

“The McKesson business unit needed a next-generation solution to replace our current print program. McKesson needed a more modern and efficient solution. We process large volumes of print, especially at peak times. With our current software we sometimes experience a slow-down that can impact our shipments to customers. Re-platforming our critical print processes was an essential change.

Don Fauth
Vice President, Application Development at McKesson Medical-Surgical


“Partners like Eclipse Corporation with its robust software solution makes the business of form or label design and printing easy for everyone. DocOrigin software works with all lines of business software, such as IBS, Infor, Oracle®, SAP, QAD, etc. DocOrigin accepts all popular data file formats and prints them out on standard HP-compatible language (PCL) printers like our Workstation Series.”

Thomas Brahm
Product Manager Stationary Business Unit at Datamax-O’Neil


"We have found the missing link in one of the most effective low cost marketing channels. Organizations send billions of boring statements, notices, bills, and other correspondence to customers every day that do very little to drive consumption, revenue or brand engagement. We bring the real-world tools needed to leverage these existing communications that are so vitally important yet so often overlooked."

Brad Banyas


"We'd had an increasing number of requests from our customers and partners to develop a bridge between traditional transactional document generation and SharePoint. Since we have been working with Eclipse and the DocOrigin product for several years, it made sense to use DocOrigin for generating business documents and pushing mission critical documents to SharePoint. Now clients can intelligently push system generated documents created by DocOrigin into the cloud version of SharePoint using our connector."

Dan Roth
President of Pro Technology


“Eclipse made our job much easier in what was already a complex and mission-critical undertaking,” says Swartz. “We had our hands full, and not only did DocOrigin perform beyond our expectations, so did the team at Eclipse.”

Annette Swartz
Systems Analyst at ABC INOAC

“We had a hodge-podge of systems. By adopting DocOrigin we were able to eliminate several different custom applications as well as three different mailing solutions. Now we’re down to one processing software and one mailing software. Jobs that were taking us over an hour to process have been streamlined down to five or ten minutes.”

Kenny Burger
IT Managerat Mele Printing

"Given DocOrigin's flexible architecture, our current data streams could be used as is, and gathered data was readily saved in our desired processing formats. Support was provided every step of the way, from form creation to integration with current server processing. Our member agency coordinators now have a much better sense of comfort and knowledge in using the system and feel more in control."

Gary McCarthy
Operations Manager

A testimonial about DocOrigin from Advantage 360

Dick Card of Advantage 360 explains why DocOrigin was the right choice for his company to replace JetForm. The DocOrigin document generation enterprise software was created by the original designers of JetForm.

“Eclipse made our job much easier in what was already a complex and mission-critical undertaking. We had our hands full, and not only did DocOrigin perform beyond our expectations, so did the team at Eclipse.”

Annette Swartz, Systems Analyst

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Eclipse Corporation offers a full range of software solutions for all your document design and automation needs – built from the ground up by the team that developed Adobe Central and JetForm. As pioneers in the enterprise document automation industry, the Eclipse team has the knowledge, experience and track-record your company can rely on. Let us show you how easy it can be to modernize your company's customer communications to take advantage of cutting-edge marketing tools – and provide our powerful proprietary Integration Without Modification™ software feature in all our software solutions! Don't change your business software, change your forms software to DocOrigin!!