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For decades, Tyler Technologies has provided end-to-end solutions that empower local, state, and federal government entities to operate more efficiently and connect more transparently with their constituents and with each other. More than twenty-five years ago, we chose JetForm Central, which eventually became Adobe Central, to provide our ERP and school clients with a comprehensive form solution.

When the Adobe corporation decided to sunset the product, we needed to find a replacement product. After much consideration and testing, we identified Eclipse/DocOrigin as the best option and chose to move forward with their product and services. We began using DocOrigin in our implementations starting June 2016.

We currently have more than 1,000 clients using DocOrigin as their form solution, encompassing more than 8,000 individual form templates. We have found the product to be easy to use, well maintained with advanced features, and extremely reliable. The support that they have provided us with has been exemplary, with quick turnaround times and a willingness to help whenever needed.

The partnership between Tyler Technologies and Eclipse Corporation has proven to be a beneficial one and one that has allowed us to serve our clients’ needs exceptionally well.”

Joanne Lord
Director of Tyler Forms Design & Implementation
Tyler Technologies, Inc.

DocOrigin is much easier to implement and the time it takes to develop and maintain forms for customers has decreased significantly. The learning curve to use DocOrigin is much faster and training customers has become easier. Our staff is very happy with DocOrigin. The best part is that as the product has improved over the years, with upgrades and updates, its made form development even easier. The fantastic support we have received from both ProTechnology and Eclipse has enabled us to quickly and easily resolve all issues and challenges we have encountered and we have had no production failures. Reliability is not an option in the Telco industry. We see a bright future ahead with ProTechnology and Eclipse!”

Bob Hennemann
Advantage 360

“The McKesson business unit needed a next-generation solution to replace our current print program. McKesson needed a more modern and efficient solution. We process large volumes of print, especially at peak times. With our current software we sometimes experience a slow-down that can impact our shipments to customers. Re-platforming our critical print processes was an essential change.”

Don Fauth
Vice President
McKesson Medical-Surgical

“We never had any significant problems with Adobe Central. So we needed a company that not only understood how critical labels are to our business, but had the experience to offer a stable solution for the capacity of labels we generate every day. We had a small glitch during roll-out for some of our older printers, and they were right there and helped us get it up and running. They really came through.”

Brad Postma
IT Development Manager
Pella Corporation

“Given DocOrigin’s flexible architecture, our current data streams could be used as is, and gathered data was readily saved in our desired processing formats. Support was provided every step of the way, from form creation to integration with current server processing. Our member agency coordinators now have a much better sense of comfort and knowledge in using the system and feel more in control.”

Gary McCarthy
Operations Manager
Ottawa Food Bank

“Eclipse made our job much easier in what was already a complex and mission-critical undertaking. We had our hands full, and not only did DocOrigin perform beyond our expectations, so did the team at Eclipse.”

Annette Swartz
Systems Analyst
Abcinoac Exterior Systems

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