Power-Up the Promotional Power of Customer Statements

For years, customer statements have been overlooked as a back-office burden. However,  today’s organizations are recognizing that routine customer correspondence offers a unique opportunity to connect with customers in new and more profitable ways and are indeed vital and viable tools for marketing. Powering-up the promotional power of statements requires a new mindset, however; one that embraces the tremendous opportunity statements provide to communicate, cross-sell and reinforce brand experience.  Here are a few factors to consider:

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Targeting Your Communications without the Complexity

There is a lot of buzz about “Transpromo” these days – the concept of customizing bills and statements with personalized and targeted messages aimed at attracting existing customers with additional products and services. Experts extol the virtues of one-to-one documents that capitalize on the knowledge collected about customers. The idea is that by including personalized marketing content you can transform boring bills and statements into a beneficial marketing tool.

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