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  • Our very own CEO, Steve Luke featured in MirrorReview
  • Advantage 360 DocOrigin Case Study

CEO and Founder of Eclipse Corporation, Steve Luke, dedicates the success of the company to its team members who have religiously and innovatively worked round the clock to provide reliable leading-edge forms software and quality services to its customers.

The quality of their software and the personal commitments of their team are the primary reasons why so many customers that needed to replace their aging or sunset document solutions chose DocOrigin and the Eclipse team. They had faith in the team and their industry knowledge. Aging forms and label software solutions were not keeping up with the demands of the market. Omni- channel, real-time, relevant, personalized information is demanded by today’s clients. For the full article and to learn more about Steve Luke and Eclipse’s road to success, click here.

Advantage 360 Finds The Solution

Advantage 360 telco solutions were tightly integrated with aging legacy template management, document generation and delivery solutions. The company intended to replace these applications and allow their customers to manage all documents and forms from one platform in a modern, speedy, flexible and more reliable way. They were looking for a replacement that would combine document composition and distributed output management capability, which would be able to capture data output from all of their billing, POS, CRM and operational support business applications.

The ideal OEM forms solution should also be able to enrich document presentation with graphics, color, various fonts, bar codes, dynamic data driven marketing messages and omni channel delivery for smart phones and tablets without having to make any modification to their core business software applications. Read the full case study and see how DocOrigin was The Solution for Advantage 360 here.

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