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  • Xplor19 Webinar: Building a Master Global Form Template
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Building a Master Global Form Template

Companies that have more than one office location, global enterprises from the Fortune 10 to the Fortune 10000, software companies that have a few customers to thousands of customers are all great candidates for using a Global Form template. They need to localize the documents generated in different states, countries, or for OEMs each customer using your software needs branding and legal terms and conditions. The Master Global Form Template evolved from the need for our OEM customers Advantage 360, GE Healthcare, Guidewire, Tyler Technology to support hundreds or thousands of customers from different companies all using their core software technology. These companies as well as companies that have multiple company brands and locations receive huge savings using Master Global Form Templates.

Imagine being able to support multiple locations in many states or countries with a master template that dynamically manages language, currency, logos, branding and company colors without modifying the Master Global Form Template! Adding new locations, customers or partners can be done by business teams without the need for complex technical development. Once you have your Master Template, your business teams can manage adding new branches, companies or updating existing addresses, phone numbers, or branding changes. Our Business Communications Center™ (BCC) provides the power and features to manage a company-wide document generation solution. BCC™ can generate millions of documents at top-rate speeds that our competitors cannot match. Browser based features allow companies to give their customers an interactive/self-service portal for customizing and personalizing documents, and BCC allows companies to add messages within any transactional document to up-sell products and services, as well as provide customers with critical information.

BCC’s Master Global Form Template feature supports unlimited versions of a form with a single template to control logos, color schemes, company contact information and even languages in a single merge run. This feature is especially powerful for multi-division companies, commercial print service providers and OEM software providers that embed BCC™ powered by DocOrigin®.
Did you miss it? Don’t worry! We have got you covered. Click here to watch the video and see a transcript.

Asseco Group Banking Forum 2019

Another event you probably didn’t mean to miss! The big question was Does the bank really know I am who I am?

The 5th annual Asseco Banking Forum took place in Warsaw on October 10th with about 270 attendees from the financial and IT industries. Some of the focus questions for the event were: How should accurate verification of customer identity be handled? How far should the state’s cooperation with banks go in regard to the provision of information? Where are the boundaries of responsibility between both parties?

Click here to see a summary of events and get ready for the next Asseco Banking Forum!

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