How are you holding up
during COVID-19?

In This Issue:

  • Tips for dealing with some of the stress of COVID-19
  • A Case for Business Communications Center™, a series

Everyone has their own unique challenges during this unprecedented time, but there are some commonalities for many of us, and an increase in stress is a big one. has provided 30 simple tips to reduce anxiety during quarantine. There are some obvious suggestions like eating well, getting exercise and creating a routine to stick to. Some of their suggestions were surprising and are definitely worth sharing. A few that stick out the most for us are:

• Choose reliable news sources for your information
• Know when to stop reading the news
• Help others
• Exercise your creativity
• Focus on things you can control

Click here to read the article and find more ways to reduce your stress during COVID-19. Be well.

A Case for Business Communications Center™ – A Series

Chapter 1: The Business Challenge

You, as a service provider, use DocOrigin Design to generate the layout of any form template to give your customers the flexibility to drive the content of the final output.

The one common challenge facing our customers was the heavy workload of keeping up with the content change requests managed by departments outside of the IT and forms development departments. The requests came from business owners, the compliance department and the marketing team. Most changes did not impact the structure and functionality of the template, but rather the rich text, barcode links or images. Some changes required scripting to accommodate the conditions such as state-to-state regulatory changes while other changes were driven by market demands that changed for the region, campaign date or even recipient’s buy pattern.

Stay tuned next month for Chapter 3: Controlled Access to Dynamic White Space Management.

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