Gartner Tech Growth and Innovation Conference 2019, June 3-5

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  • Gartner Tech Growth and Innovation Conference 2019
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  • Is a picture still worth a thousand words?

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We are currently exploring the Gartner Tech Growth and Innovation Conference in San Diego, CA and can’t wait to share with you our experiences. Next time, we’ll be able to share with you some of the spectacular analyst speakers we are learning from, how our session called Communicate the Right Way or Fail by our CEO, Steve Luke went, and how we taught some new friends about DocOrigin and Business Communications Center.

We hope we’re getting to spend time with you there now! Come see us at Booth 201!

Big News for Konica Minolta

Konica Minolta is rolling out some open house events coming to a city near you soon. Join them for a live demonstration and learn how to simplify your I.T., discover ways to organize and streamline I.T. processes and develop a connected office now and for the future. Simplify I.T. with Konica Minolta! Register here.

In other Konica Minolta news… reports that Konica Minolta’s X-Ray Technology Receives FDA Clearance. The FDA granted 510(k) clearance for Konica Minolta’s Dynamic Digital Radiography (DDR) technology, used to produce medical images that show movement.

“DDR may dramatically change the diagnostic and patient management paradigms for respiratory diseases and other pathologies including orthopedic injuries,” says Kirsten Doerfert, Sr. VP of Marketing, Konica Minolta Healthcare. “With X-ray images in motion, clinicians can see structures in a way they have never been able to see before, enhancing their ability to better manage patients based on individual characteristics and bringing precision medicine further into focus for radiology. The potential benefit is significant.” To see the full press release and learn more about this amazing technology, click here.

Is a Picture Still Worth A Thousand Words?

photo of phone taking picture of spectacular sunset

Of course it is! And according to Scott Brandt, for, now it is even more important to be using visuals in our workflows due to the up and coming workforces that are growing more accustomed to them at an earlier age with smartphones and tablets.

He goes on to explain: “These document-centric workflows can all benefit from the addition of photos, video and audio. The benefits of using these media include:

  • Drawings are two-dimensional, and identifying exact locations and other circumstances, like hanging lights or turning radii, is hard to communicate; even 3D models are only as good as the granularity of the drawings and the ability to represent the model.
  • An arrow pointing to a part, area, issue of concern, etc. is not as definitive as one that includes an audio or video explanation.
  • Trying to describe or define an issue or problem in words is not easy – trying to explain how to fix a problem or what steps need to be taken next is even harder. A picture or video can be clear and explicit.
  • Spoken words are less likely to be misinterpreted than written words (experts note that intonation, inflection, and even body language add information in any communication).
  • Adding color and shading to a message can offer improved insight and give better visual clues to changes being questioned or requested.
  • Audio and video audit trails, in addition to text-based audit trails, create full depictions of what occurred and for what reasons.”

DocOrigin and Business Communications Center can help you to turn your transactional documents into visual vehicles for upselling, crossselling and including important targeted messaging. Be sure you are reaching visual users in every way possible.

To read Scott Brandt’s full article, click here.

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