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Daniel Dimm!

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  • Barcoding blog: COVID-19 Adaptations for Workplaces and Employees
  • A Case for Business Communications Center™, a series continued

Daniel has been working with programming languages and databases since 1989. He has designed, developed and implemented multiple applications across North America and Europe.

Over his career, he has worked as a programmer, database engineer, software author, independent consultant, trainer, speaker, director of business development and business owner.

Daniel is an experienced global enterprise software sales and technical product solutions expert with strength in cross-functional team collaboration to develop and bring to market new applications and expand professional services.

His core competency is building trusted relationships, opening new markets and revenue opportunities, uncovering insights and translating them into new, innovative and enhanced solutions.

He is very successful in promoting strong customer trust advisory relationships and long term partnerships.

Daniel has a bachelor’s degree in Computer Information Science, University of Bloomsburg PA, and an honorable discharge from the United States Army. He currently resides in Peachtree Corners, Georgia with his son Colin. We are very proud to welcome him to the team.

COVID-19 Adaptations for Workplaces and Employees

Barcoding has very thoughtfully put together a list of technologies to help keep employees healthy and workplaces open. They first recommend reading the requirements outlined by the CDC (Centers for Disease Control) and OSHA (US Occupational Safety and Health Administration). This blog is a great starting point for businesses that are trying to provide safe and healthy work environments during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Barcoding has created a list of questions to ask yourself in order to help you get started:

  • If I implement thermal temperature pre-screening, do I have a plan in place to outline all outcomes and actions for employees?
  • Do I have the buy-in of senior leadership to keep the organization consistently following OSHA and CDC guidelines like washing of hands, social distance, hand sanitizer, etc.?
  • Where are my areas of greatest risk?
  • What is my goal with the implementation of new technology? Am I thinking long-term?
  • How will this new solution fit into my existing processes? If not, how will I change processes and behaviors to accommodate the new solution?
  • Am I involving my users in the process?
  • What’s my budget? What should I invest to adapt my workspace for maximum productivity?

Barcoding also includes some of their own COVID-19 workplace adaptations, such as Thermal Imaging: Temperature Pre-Screening, Proximity Sensing Solution for Social Distancing, Device Disinfecting Lockers and Social Distancing and Warehouse Labeling.

To read the blog, click here.

A Case for Business Communications Center – A Series

Chapter 3: Controlled Access to Dynamic White Space Management

Controlled Access to Dynamic White Space Management (DWSM) – BCC™ provides controlled access to protect the integrity of the document or form template. Developers simply define “Target Areas” for inserting images, barcodes and rich text. Unlike traditional ad space that holds a single, fixed position on a document, BCC Target Areas are dynamic which allows them to not only grow based on the content of the rich text or image size, but even remain completely hidden if the condition is not met.

The one common challenge facing our customers was the heavy workload of keeping up with the content change requests managed by departments outside of the IT and forms development departments. The requests came from business owners, the compliance department and the marketing team. Most changes did not impact the structure and functionality of the template, but rather the rich text, barcode links or images. Some changes required scripting to accommodate the conditions such as state-to-state regulatory changes while other changes were driven by market demands that changed for the region, campaign date or even recipient’s buy pattern.

Stay tuned next month for Chapter 4: A Simple User Interface.

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