Looking Back at 2016

As we draw to a close on 2016 we’d like to take time
to reflect on what a great year it has been for Eclipse.

New Products

We released the DocOrigin Customer Communication Center this year, as well as DocWizard for Oracle users (which just received validation from Oracle). Both products have been enthusiastically received throughout the industry. DocOrigin version 3.1 was released in July and brought users enhanced design and creation features for Universally Accessible PDFs, meeting ISO 14289-1 and WCAG 2.0 standards for PDF documents.

Partnerships and Praise

BCC: When integrated together, BCC Software and Eclipse Corporation’s products create a seamless document creation-to-mail process. “This important partnership shows yet another way to streamline the direct communication workflow by integrating technology assets,” said Chris Lien, President of BCC Software. “BCC Software and Eclipse represent over 50 years of combined experience in the print and mail industry. That depth of knowledge provides our customers an unmatched know-how when it comes to managing enterprise name and address data used for producing and mailing documents.”

Zebra: We are happy to announce our acceptance into the Zebra ISV partner program. Our DocOrigin enterprise e-forms, label and document solution will create opportunities for Zebra’s channel partners to deliver more value for their customers as well as enabling Zebra’s enterprise customers to create higher value labels, imparting more information and providing upsell opportunity for each customer.

ISCS: Eclipse and ISCS joined forces to deliver advanced forms, documents and labels for P&C insurers. ISCS provides a cloud-based insurance processing platform, a primary driver of business success for P&C insurers now and in the future. This OEM partnership with ISCS provides rapid migration software which will save ISCS and their clients thousands of dollars and person hours as they transition more than 40 P&C insurance companies using DocOrigin. DocOrigin continues to be a solution of choice to replace legacy Adobe Central and LiveCycle products which have been sunset.

vablet-Meiotic Inc.: the innovative developer of vablet, a best in class business content management solution for mobile devices, entered into a partnership with us to combine DocOrigin with vablet and provide on-site, off-line collection of data and signatures in the field.

Plus Technologies: We found a great fit with Plus Technologies, a global provider of enterprise level document and output management software. Their focus is on improving business processes affected by documents. In June we were pleased to be named a “2016 Hot Company in Customer Experience” by Document magazine.

In June we were pleased to be named a “2016 Hot Company in Customer Experience” by Document magazine.


In the fall we hit the road again, visiting Oracle Open World in San Francisco, the East Coast Oracle Users Group Conference in Raleigh and GraphExpo in Orlando. What makes the memory of both events so lasting for us was the opportunity to directly connect with developers, customers, partners and resellers and share our new products. We joined with some of the best minds from around the world to explore technologies and approaches that provide a real roadmap for success.

New Customers

This success became evident with several new customers in 2016. Grabber Construction Products, a leading distributor of quality construction products based in Utah, adopted DocOrigin to replace their end-of-life systems relying on Adobe Jetform. Pella Windows also selected DocOrigin to replace JetForm for their mission-critical label applications. We are excited to also welcome Bermuda Digital, ENMR Plateau, Frisbie Hospital, General Electric Global Research, ISCS and Legal & General America as new customers.


Looking Back

All in all, we’re proud of what we’ve accomplished this year. We’re looking forward to 2017 and the opportunity to bring our innovative solutions and approaches to a wider audience. Look for some exciting announcements and developments soon. Meanwhile, everyone at Eclipse Corporation wishes you a prosperous and happy new year!

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Happy New Year from all of us at Eclipse!


Jeff Gary,
Eclipse Corporation

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