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  • PDF Day
  • PDF/A-3 Press Release
  • What you don’t know can hurt you

PDF Association’s PDF Day was hosted by the National Archives and Records Administration and took place in the National Archives Building on Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington, DC. It is THE event focused on the Portable Document Format, its various ISO standards and the variety of technologies available to government workflows. This year’s event was especially relevant as NARA’s new Draft Strategic Guidance targets 2022 as the date on which the federal government’s formal records keeping agency will no longer accept paper documents. Experts from around the globe provided educational presentations and advice. It is rare to have so many major contributors dedicated to the future standards of PDF together in one place.

Some of the education provided that we found really worthwhile were:

We look forward to seeing what future PDF Day events hold in a growing paper less government environment.



PDF/A-3 in Production Environment

PDF/A-3 format is now available in production environments for DocOrigin, Business Communications Center and Dynamic Business Documents! Now you can embed Word, Excel, HTML, XML, TIF and more files in your PDF. You can include all relevant files with customer communications such as order acknowledgements and invoices that you are sending. Think of the time saved and the information you can provide! Teams involved in collaborating can attach relevant content inside their PDF/A-3 and be confident the PDF and the files attached are secure. Read the full press release here.


What you don’t know can hurt you

When shopping for a document and form software solution for business, many people miss the big picture. There are so many things to consider. We know all about that! What you don’t know about your document and forms software really can hurt you! Buying the wrong solution can be expensive and time consuming. This is a series we are starting in our newsletter that will focus on areas that need to be considered and thought through before moving forward with a document and form software.

Our first suggestion, ask the vendor if they will provide a proof of concept at no cost to you. Prove they can meet or exceed your needs and expectations. And follow this series of tips and must haves before you replace your legacy solution or buy your first enterprise class forms and document solution.

Keep these three things at the top of your requirements list:

  1. Reliability, your business can’t function without it!
  2. Performance, if you can’t produce forms fast enough, you have the wrong product.
  3. Features; Forms, Documents and Labels is a unique industry, it’s not just a check box on your line of business software requirements.

Find a product that can do it all. Be sure your software choice can design, generate and deliver forms and documents for sure, but also labels, checks, PDF, PDF/UA, PDF/A-3, adaptive and/or responsive HTML, Postscript, PCL… Don’t be satisfied with the bare minimum.

Documents, electronic or paper are a reflection on your company. Do your customer and partner facing documents reflect the quality of your products and services, improve your brand recognition? Remember that customer communications are one of the most important assets of your business. Communicating with your existing customers has the lowest cost and highest return on your marketing efforts, so use your existing documents to upsell and cross sell to them. You are already sending them information. Why not capitalize on it?

Business documents and forms will create the human facing information your customers, partners, vendors and employees will see day to day. These customer communications work for your business, so be sure they cover all your needs. Check out our next newsletter for more tips on finding the right solutions for your company.



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