August 2022 Newsletter

Twitter • Facebook • YouTube • The Effect of Leadership Change in Documents Most organizations don’t realize how many times an executive’s name, signature, or contact details appear on company documents—until they try to update the information!...

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June 2022 Newsletter

Twitter • Facebook • YouTube • info@EclipseCorp.US Doing the Translation Tango Communicating with customers in their local languages can be an important component of the customer experience. Besides building trust, credibility, and loyalty, local-language documents...

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December 2021 Newsletter

Twitter • Facebook • YouTube • info@EclipseCorp.US Congrats on Your Merger, Now Go Change All Your Documents! Anyone who has ever gone through an acquisition or merger understands the amount of work required to combine two previously separate organizations. Many of...

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October 2021 Newsletter

Twitter • Facebook • YouTube • info@EclipseCorp.US Ode to a Document In This Issue: Hot Companies 2021 Industry Events If you've ever tried to explain your job to people outside the document business, you know it's not easy. Most people don’t understand what it takes...

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July 2021 Newsletter

  Twitter • Facebook • YouTube • info@EclipseCorp.US Did you miss our Xplor-hosted webinar? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. In This Issue: Eclipse's Recent Webinar Industry Events You may be surprised to learn how much content should reside “outside of the...

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May 2021 Newsletter

Twitter • Facebook • YouTube • info@EclipseCorp.US QAD Users Group Spring Virtual Event In This Issue: QAD Virtual Event Aperam Case study The QAD Users Group spring virtual event was April 19-20. While it can't quite take the place of the face-to-face conferences, we...

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