Congrats on Your Merger,
Now Go Change All Your Documents!

Anyone who has ever gone through an acquisition or merger understands the amount of work required to combine two previously separate organizations. Many of the changes affect documents. Elements like logos, signatures, addresses, phone numbers, website addresses, email domains, and more populate documents of all kinds, across multiple departments. The amount of time and labor required to locate, evaluate, and update those documents, can be overwhelming.

Fortunately, there’s a better way. In this new Eclipse Software article we discuss post-merger document challenges and suggest some ways to make the task more manageable.

Simplify your next branding project – read this article

Eclipse Hosts Training Days
for International Partners

Some of our Eclipse team traveled to Germany to meet with our international partners. We held training sessions to review features of DocOrigin and Business Communications Center.

Eclipse representatives from the Ukraine and the USA met with our partners from Finland, Portugal, and Belgium for training, product updates, and the first face-to-face meetings for a long time.

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