2020 wasn’t all bad!

2020 has been a tough year for most of us. Caught up in a world-wide potentially deadly viral threat and all the personal sacrifices, losses and challenges that came with it, we also heard great stories of inspiration and triumph – overcoming adversity to find success in the face of huge obstacles. We are so grateful it is coming to an end, so we can march confidently to a more hopeful and healthy 2021!

We are also thankful for our newest DocOrigin customers that joined us in 2020:



A Case for Business Communications Center – A Series

Chapter 7: Flexibility

How flexible is DocOrigin’s BCC? BCC empowers your customers to do things like:

  • Show different images based on the season.
  • Trigger upsell messages based on items being ordered or shipped.
  • Shift the entire look of your campaign for your audiences such as TeleCom Bill ads that are targeted for a corporate plan or family plan.
  • Trigger on text strings or item numbers to trigger safety messages for the recipient.
  • Use different logos, address blocks, or phone numbers based on division or subsidiary.
  • Add QR codes to your documents to invite recipients of the documents to certain web pages.
  • Add Text blocks to promote products or services, based on items in a document.

Once your customer has set the values for the “BCC Customizable” images, text blocks, and barcodes, they use the “Publish” button to save the updated form template and the next print run will use the rules that your customer has set.

Flexibility without complexity, that’s what BCC brings to the table.

To learn more about BCC, click here.


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