Documents in the Classroom

By CLAIRE KNIBBS, Executive Assistant As a former educator with an MAT in Early Childhood Education, I often reflect on the demands of teachers today, and wonder how we can

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The Intuitive Workplace

Do You Believe There Is A Better Way To Work? When Peter Senge’s popular book, “The Fifth Discipline,” appeared in 1990, it was a revelation. Senge went beyond the cheery

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Is Your Business Intelligent?

Business intelligence (BI) is a technology-driven process for analyzing data and uncovering actionable insight to help executives, managers and analysts make more informed business decisions. The world of BI embodies

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Four Ways to Boost Your Customer Relationships

The concept of “Relationship Marketing” is a powerful way to build lasting relationships with your customers. Unlike many marketing strategies that focus almost entirely on the sale, relationship marketing is

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Enterprise label printing has never been easier

At Eclipse Corporation, we have been serving enterprise customers for 24 years. Our team includes the founders and core developers who created and delivered products like FormsPlus/400, JetForm and Adobe

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Move the Needle with your Customer Communications

Impersonal, mass-produced form letters and bulk-delivered transactional documents no longer meet customer expectations. Today, competitive enterprises must deliver relevant, engaging correspondence – keeping one eye on costs and the other

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