Data-Driven Invoices

All invoices are data-driven. However, companies rarely interpret the variable data value or use it to control how the invoice looks and what it contains beyond pure financial and purchase history information. Using data that is already available, how can organizations customize invoices so they can serve multiple purposes? Customizations can improve the customer experience

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Document Processing for Healthcare

The healthcare and pharmaceutical industries have unique requirements and challenges regarding the documents they create. First, they are highly regulated, so all documents must conform to the laws governing what documents should say, how they say it, when distributed. Second, managing sensitive personal information requires tact and care to ensure that information is not shared

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Play by the Rules

Business Communications Center (BCC), now included with the DocOrigin platform, allows companies to leverage variable data and rules to turn static documents into dynamic channels for customer communication. Today, we will look at several criteria that decrease the workload associated with document management and make documents more relevant. BCC and DocOrigin make implementing rules for

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What About Template Conversions?

When an organization switches to a new document composition platform they open the door to new technology’s many possibilities and opportunities. To keep up with changing conditions, including market and customer expectations, evaluating your document systems regularly is critical. Then upgrade as needed. The big challenge of implementing a new document management system is migrating

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Are You Paying Too Much for Postage?

Postage is increasing at an unprecedented rate. Every January and July, for the foreseeable future, postage rates will increase by approximately five percent. The USPS has transitioned from relatively small annual postage increases to twice-a-year rate adjustments that can strain corporate communication budgets. How do you address these rising postage costs? Use DocOrigin to compose

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