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  • Eclipse to host upcoming Xplor Webinar
  • Zebra organizes its own TED talks
  • A Lesson on Too Long Implementation Times

Register and tune in on Sept. 5 for an Eclipse-hosted Xplor Webinar. Two companies in contrasting industries with varied interests, McKesson Medical-Surgical and Mele Printing, share case studies illustrating how they use one solution that meets their diverse needs.

What seems like a job for multiple document solutions, comes down to one; DocOrigin has proven itself in banking, commercial printing, government, healthcare, insurance, logistics, manufacturing, telco. The #6 ranked Fortune 500 McKesson Medical-Surgical needed a more streamlined product to cut down on production times and a more integrated approach for their print and mail solutions. Mele Printing, a commercial print service provider, needed one solution that could effectively drive their state-of-the-art Pitney Bowes continuous roll-fed printers at rated speed, could meet the needs of their varied clients and have cost-effective results. See how this can all be done with one dynamic solution for your company. Register here today!

Zebra TEDx Talk

In a creative and innovative way to communicate to their partners, Zebra has organized their own TEDx Talks. Zebra leaders deliver world-famous TED style presentations on leadership principles, business insights and trends that are changing the world. These TEDx Talks are now available to you on Partner Gateway.

One of our favorites is by Jeff Schmitz, Zebra Chief Marketing Officer. In his talk, he shares lessons from a Janitor. It’s worth a watch.

Whether you’re searching for new approaches to competitive challenges or looking for new ways to work with Zebra in delivering a performance edge to your mutual customers, take the time to be inspired by this series. Be sure to log in and check it out here.

A Lesson on Too Long Implementation Times (7 Years)

We recently came across an article that illustrates perfectly the problems many companies face when replacing their forms software. While this article focuses on a scenario replacing ERP systems there is a lesson to be learned in too long implementation times in our industry as well.

Andrea Cravero, Senior Director for Sales Consulting for ERP, Enterprise Performance Management and Supply Chain solutions at Oracle, took note of the situation at Lidl and shared his two cents. Lidl is cancelling their SAP introduction after already spending 500M Euro and wasting seven years. Cravero says, “The Lidl project was an ambitious transformation project, expectations were correspondingly high (reducing effort for master data maintenance, real time key figures and forecast analysis, etc). All this is now nothing…” He goes on to point out lessons learned from this failure. #1 being the most obvious and important, ERP implementation cannot last seven years.

Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be this way for forms software migration. Eclipse’s history and expertise have resulted in a comprehensive set of migration tools and strategies aimed at providing replacement technology for your implementation. Most simple forms templates can be migrated in seconds and be 95 to 100% complete. You can read more about how we can simplify your migration here or contact us for more information.

Read more of Cravero’s insights here.


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