The Future of Document Design and Generation Software

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The Next Generation of Document Generation Software

Financial • Government • Healthcare • Insurance • Logistics & Distribution • Manufacturing • Telco


Over the past 20 years we have developed relationships and partnerships with some of the most innovative and successful technology providers. If you are looking for the most cost-effective and flexible solution, Eclipse and our partners can help.

By partnering with these elite resources we believe our solutions bring increased value and effectiveness. Each is crafted with a mix of standardized and dependable tools along with individualized design and customized platforms that bring advanced capabilities to meet even the most demanding enterprise-wide requirements.

We believe in the power of partnerships and engage partners that bring proven value and experience along with the tools and collaboration needed for innovation and success.

OEM and Resellers Wanted. Click here for information.

Resellers and OEMs Wanted

Eclipse is actively seeking re-sellers and OEMs that want to offer their customers more functionality, speed, and dynamic control of their document centric process.

DocOrigin is a complete enterprise class document software solution. Easily integrated into existing line of business software systems, DocOrigin allows for the dynamic design and creation of on-demand, high-speed transactions and high-volume batch document generation and distribution.

DocOrigin software was developed on a foundation of more than 160 person-years of enterprise class e-forms and document generation experience. Created only four years ago, we have integrated the features and functionality that have evolved over more than two decades of hands-on development.

DocOrgin supports Intelligent Document Reduction and "Integration Without Modification" (IWM). DocOrigin can be used with all line of business software systems without any changes or modifications to the programs that generate your data and still provides you the dynamic data driven presentation and delivery preference you need.

Why build a document generation solution when you can private-label a solution this robust? For less money than most companies pay for two staff software developers, you can purchase DocOrigin and focus your development time on your core business offering.

For more information, please direct your inquiries to, or call 678-408-1245.